House Cleaning

In today's world of electronic devices and high tech gadgets for the home, who really needs maid services anymore? While it might be nice to have a service come in for a thorough cleaning of the place once or twice a year, unless you have a huge home it is easy to handle it all yourself. Or is it?

Why Hire a Maid Service?


There is an old saying "you could eat off that floor" about a woman who kept a spotless house. Today, with most women in the workforce, that is no longer the level of cleanliness people strive for in the kitchen. You would probably settle for someone saying the "ten second rule" for dropped food is fine in the kitchen.

Measuring Cleanliness

You got to admit that housemaid services might be nice every once in a while. It’s not that you’re lazy, it’s just that your standards may not be the same as others. Sometimes, If the counter is wiped down and the dishes put away, you may not really care about the floors. Just kick that crust of bread where the dog can't get at it and you are good to go!

Old College Trick

Sometimes the only reason a person would even think about calling a local maid service is that they feel a need to give some college girl a bit of work. You may have done the samething yourself when you were younger or know someone that did a fair share of house cleaning for extra work. Now it's someone else’s turn to pick up after messy adults!

Get the maid to do it

Of course, the real reason anyone would ever call up the local maid service is when the job is dreaded and people just don't want to do it themselves. For some it may be cleaning the oven, for others it is washing the windows. Whatever you don't want to do yourself – get the maid to do it!